The Countryside Park

in the High-Tech Park

Since the establishment of the Ostfalen Technology Park, great importance has been attached to the creation of green areas, both as recreational areas for the employees of the Technology Park and the residents of the surrounding communities, and for the preservation of nature and landscape. Creeks that flowed in pipes under the fields were freed and renatured, lawns and shrubbery created and over 2500 trees planted. About one third of the technology park area is designated as public green space and the commercial areas also have a large amount of green space.

The green areas are very well accepted by the population and also the nature benefits. The beaver has returned to the Kleine Sülze creek and regularly builds his impressive dams, rare plants bloom and you can hear the almost forgotten song of the nightingale.


Conservation of Nature and Wildlife in the Ostfalen Technology Park

The extensive green areas of the Technology Park in Barleben are not only attractive recreational areas, they also serve to preserve biodiversity.

Butterflies in the Ostfalen Technology Park

Butterflies are considered suitable indicators for assessing the condition of a landscape.

Beavers in the Ostfalen Technology Park

The beaver has settled in the technology park Ostfalen since the 1990s - a landscape designer for biodiversity.

"Summer of Insects" and Biodiversity

Excursionen in the Ostfalen Technologiepark: Special attention was paid to insect diversity in the structurally rich green spaces

Dragonflies in the Ostfalen Technology Park

With financial support from LOTTO Sachsen-Anhalt, an  inventory of the dragonflies living in the Technology Park was carried out to get an overview of the occurring species.

Thistle Rows along the way

Some thistle strips on the roadsides of the Technology Park are temporarily excluded from the mowing. Thus, sufficient nectar sources are available for numerous butterflies, bumblebees, bees, beetles, bugs and flies.

Apple Tree Meadow in the Technology Park Ostfalen

"If I knew that tomorrow the world would go down, today I would plant an apple tree." This saying is attributed to Martin Luther.

Nesting Boxes

Natural nesting sites for the birds breeding in caves are still very rare in the Ostfalen Technology Park. Nesting boxes can help. These are important not only for the breeding season, but also in winter for many species of birds. 

Care of Pollarded Willow Trees

Pollarded willow trees have been present in human settlements and ancient cultural landscapes for over 3,000 years. Also in the Ostfalen Technology Park we can still discover some old pollarded willow trees. They are the oldest existing trees here.

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